Our terms and conditions are valid for all orders from abroad. Other terms and conditions are valid only with our written approval. Customer terms are not accepted even without our written refusal. The customer accepts our terms when ordering.


All offers are non-binding. Our valid catalogues and price lists are part of our offer.


Orders are accepted only with our written order confirmation or invoice. This is valid also for orders to our sales representatives. Accepting an order does not obligate us to deliver the next orders at the same conditions.


The prices are net Euro, they are non-binding. Our prices are ex works Berlin, Germany. Packing, freight costs and taxes are not included. All prices are subject to change without notice.

We have to charge you the value added tax (VAT) if the shipment is bound for Germany or to individuals within the European Union.

Shipments to companies within the European Union with a valid VAT-Identification number, or to individuals and companies outside the European Union, are tax-free.

Processing spare part orders is very cost intensive. Please understand that we charge Euro 9,- for spare part orders below Euro 50,-.


The customer bears shipping risks and costs. We ship and pack your order in the most economical way. The shipment will be insured only on your written request.


The delivery time indicated on our order confirmation is non-binding, but calculated so that the shipment can be made on time. No liability is assumed for late delivery. Due to our large range of products, it is possible that some products are not in stock. We reserve the right to make partial shipments. Occurrences we are not responsible for, release us from our duties.


Export invoices will be printed on paper and sent with the ordered merchandise. If both parties agree they can be sent by e-mail to an e-mail adress named by the customer.


Export billing terms will be individually established. Orders from new customers will be processed with payment in advance. All goods are our property until all customer debts are paid. Costs for late payments are charged to the customer.


The warranty period ends 1 year after the invoice date.


lnspect all shipments immediately upon receipt. Missing cartons or obvious damage to cartons (shipped by common carrier) should be noted on the delivery receipt before signing. Concealed damage or loss should be reported at once to the carrier and an inspection requested. Losses or damage to Parcel shipments should be reported immediately to our Export Department. All claims for shortage or damage must be made within six days after receipt of shipment. Claims for lost shipments must be made within 21 days of receipt of invoice or other notification of shipment. Please save damage or pilfered cartons until claim is settled. Do not return any goods to US without obtaining prior approval and instructions from our Export Department. Unauthorized returns by collect freight may be refused.


All information given by our sales staff are made on our knowledge. They are based on our experience, but are non-binding. We assume no liability for them. The customer has the duty to verify himself if our products are suited for his purpose.

If we manufacture products according to samples or drawings sent by the customer, the customer has to verify that no one else is owning rights on those samples or designs. If a third party has claims, then the customer is responsible for them and frees us from claims and damages.

Dreusicke are not responsible for the content of internet sites not managed by us (i.e. external links, e.g. OKI exploded drawings).


If you export the goods purchased at our company, you have to observe german export law (Aussenwirtschaftsgesetz).


Shipment and payment are to be made in Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany. Claims and lawsuits have to be settled in Berlin-Tempelhof.


The data collected by us during the business relationship with you will be kept according to the german law on data protection.

Text and images from our internet pages and catalogue may be used only with our consent or with the consent of their respective owners.


Wilhelm Dreusicke GmbH & Co. KG - Rohdestraße 17 - D 12099 Berlin - Germany - Telephone +49-30-755 06-0

Last Update 23rd of february 2017

Dreusicke Shop is an internet service offered by Wilhelm Dreusicke GmbH&Co.KG, Rohdestr. 17, 12099 Berlin, Germany, VAT-ID: DE811977523. The Company is a Limited Partnership in Berlin, AG Charlottenburg HRA 14 487. General Partner is the Limited Company Dreusicke GmbH in Berlin, AG Charlottenburg, HRB 12 700. Managing Directors: Christian Rückert, Dr. Carsten Rückert, Dr. Ingo Rückert.

Customer Data are used to …

… manufacture and sell Parts and Rollers, Tools and Machines, for use in/as devices in electronic industries such as the office machine industry or other.

Customer Data Storage, Use and Deletion

Address, Phone and Fax number, e-mail, contact person names, delivery address, reports on meetings with customers are stored and will be, if necessary, transmitted to our accounts receivable department.

Customer Data will be transmitted to third parties if necessary to fulfill our delivery obligations (address to the freight company, attorney if payments are overdue). Address and contact persons names are transmitted to mailing companies who will send our advertisement. Those companies are required to delete the data after use. We do not sell address data etc to third parties.

Tax laws require that we store data for 10 years after the last purchase or inquiry.

Data Storage and Deletion during internet shopping

With each call of a page or file of our internet site, and with every download, data are being stored at our internet provider. This storage is necessary for internal computer systems reasons, and for statistical purposes. The following data are being stored:

- Name of the called file

- Date and time of the call

- size of the transmitted file

- success/failure of the transmission

- Type of the webbrowser

- calling domain

These data are deleted after 30 days.

Customer login and -password

Active Customers with an e-mail address in our customer data base can receive a customer login ans password. Logged-in customers can view their purchase prices, delivery terms and payment conditions in the internet shop.

The Password is issued automatically. Several security mechanism prevent any misuse, e.g. the confirmation e-mail with a link to the password. Additionally the connection is secured via certificate (SSL).

Unused passwords will be deleted after 2 years. To this end, the date of the first and the date of the last use are stored.

Purchse login und password

Individuals can register as users with an order login, independently of the customer login. This service allows to view the last 3 purchase orders made via the internet shop and facilitates re-ordering. The following data are stored:

- Purchase-Login (chosen by you),

- Password (chosen by you),

- Date registered,

- Catalogue number of the items ordered,

- quantity of the items ordered,

- Purchase Date.

Additional data are not stored on the internet server. Purchase orders sent by mail, fax, or telephone are not accessible via internet.

Login or Password lost?

If you lost your purchase login or password, you have to register anew. Old data (i.e. internet purchases) are then inaccessible, because there is no stored reference to your customer data.

If you lost your customer login or password instead, please contact us. We can issue a new password. Alternatively we can delete your current password, so that you can register anew. All data (reseller prices, delivery terms) are then accessible anew.

Last Changes: February 12, 2007